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temperatures and overbearing humidity making downright miserable out there. manning in there, relieve is in our forecast. hope you're hanging in there, good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger enjoying the air conditioning. it is hard to escape it, the heat bearing down on us today. >> believe it or not, a heat advisory for our area has just been lifted. >> yeah. >> doug. are we on the down side of these temps? >> i think we are, we're going to go through the next couple hours, still going to be hot and extremely humid. the heat index still over 100 degrees. with the temperature of 96 degrees, it's still hot, over the next couple hours things are going to start to cool off a little bit. you can see plenty of sunshine bright blue skies. current temperature is 97 degrees with the wind coming out of the north at 15 to 20 miles an hour. that breeze helped me to keep
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things feel a little cooler, the temperatures outside, i mentioned 97 at the airport, the rest of the area 93 back toward winchester. right now down toward fredericksburg, temperature of 95 degrees. look at the heat index, down toward fredericksburg, 112, it is 103 in washington. 107 in culpepper, right now, 97 in annapolis. a very hot and humid atmosphere this afternoon, we will be cooling off later on this evening. take a look at the numbers, still on the hot side with a temperature of 85. we're waking up to temperatures tomorrow in the mid-70s, it's not going to be the temperatures you'll feel a difference with tomorrow, it's going to be the humidity. i'll talk more about that coming up in my full forecast. >> good to hear. this kind of heat can be down right dangerous if you are not careful. if you head outdoors. road crews and others have to work outside. they were sweating it out too. they don't have a choice, the
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sizzling heat started early this morning, and news 4's megan mcgrath has more on that and how can you protect yourself. >> you know, with the grace of god, we're going to make it through the day. >> before the city even woke, trash collectors were out emptying the bins and dumpsters. on days like this, they go to work early and leave early. >> we start out early. start out -- that's the key. and you just keep hydrated. i mean, plenty of fluids, they have that for us in the morning. the job requires ice and water. >> reporter: this jogger had the same idea. she's out about an hour earlier than normal. even so, there is no escaping that humidity. >> it really is a lot of humidity. when you say 77 on that reader board over there, that doesn't sound so bad. believe me, it feels terrible. it's because i feel like i'm running through jell-o or something. >> are you going to call it quits earlier? >> it might happen, absolutely. >> reporter: this is dangerous
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heat, if you aren't careful, you could find yourself in trouble. heat exhaustion and heat stroke are possible on days like this. the elderly and the young are at increased risk as are people with diabetes, respiratory problems, even people on high blood pressure medication. >> obviously, feeling very hot, but especially if you start to feel tired, dizzy, muscle cramps, nausea, muscle weakness, any of those things, that should be an alert to get out of the heat. >> if you do start to exhibit some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion. the first thing you should do is get inside into the air conditioning, grab some water and call 911. megan mcgrath. news 4. up in montgomery county, crews have been working since early this morning to try to make repairs to that broken gas line that caused such awful backups on i-270 yesterday. the interstate was closed off in both directions through the evening commute much and after
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construction crews hit an eight inch pipe out in clarksburg. there was concern a spark from a passing car or tossed cigarette could ignite those gas fumes. to make things worse, last night's rain just made the cleanup that much more complicated. >> we could feel the percussion and we were several hundred yards away from it, so it was pumping out gas at a high pressure. it was eroding the dirt around it, and then after we got in a rainstorm that came through, that filled the hole with water. >> officials say contractors have to dig through about 20 feet of mud, before they can get to that gas line, but they do not expect any closures on i-270 this afternoon. that's good news. it was sentencing day for a woman in prince georges county today, convicted of hitting and killing two men while driving drunk. jenny mattae was serving a 20-year sentence in prison. the two victims had just been involved in a fender bender and
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exchanging information when they were struck by mattae. she had two prior dui convictions and driving with a suspended license at the time of the crash. michael gardiner whose a member of the falls church city council. he's accused of inappropriately touching three girls at a sleep joefb at his house. two of the alleged victims testified. pat collins was in the court for that, and will have a live report coming up at 5:00. a responsibsponsylvania cous accused of snapping photos of several ladies while they were shopping. three women at the central park
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target complained a man got too close to them. surveillance video shows him taking one of the woman's pictures. they found a picture of a woman's thighs and underwear and -- upskirting is what they call that. the taliban today is claiming responsibility for the assassination of the brother of afghan president hamid karzai. he was the president's younger half brother, extremely influential in southern afghanistan, and sometimes a political liability for his brother. he was rumored to be involved with the illegal opium trade, but he was alice said to be on the cia payroll for a variety of services. he was reportedly shot and killed in his home today by his own bodyguard. the taliban claim of responsibility has not yet been verified. an emotional afternoon at the white house today as president obama awarded the medal of honor to leroy arthur
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pettry. he lost his hand fighting in afghanistan. now petry becomes the second living veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars to get the nation's top military honor. he sat down with medication's brian williams. >> i look at all the military and all the fall en fallen hero gave the ultimate sacrifice. i want the public to know, take your time, honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, and also those living. they need your support. and it's amazing what they can do with that. >> the full interview is coming up on "nightly news" at 7:00 tonight. one day after president obama vowed to veto any short term deals, republicans proposed
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a short term deal. it runs out exactly when the president's term ends. here's steve handlesman. >> as republicans turned up the heat on him, president obama warned if there's no deal to raise the debt limit, 20 billion in social security. payments to veterans and the like, 70 million checks might not get mailed. he spoke to cbs. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. >> mitch mcconnell fired back saying, the problem is barack obama. >> as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unattainable. >> reporter: the man in the middle is house speaker john boehner. he has a rival, eric kantor is leading the anti-obama charge. >> our president thinks he's got to condition any prescription to fix these programs on tax increases. again, if that's what he's looking for, we're not going
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there. >> democratic women lawmakers demanding tax hikes, refuse spending reductions on entitlements. >> we must protect medicare and social security. we will not support cuts. >> both sides are digging in. >> with republicans pulling any new revenue off the table, democrats are going to pull entitlements off the table and we're going to end up with a very, very small deal. >> reporter: as proof of that, mcconnell floated an 18-month plan to hike the debt limit. >> default is not an option. >> reporter: why an 18-month plan? that's how much remains of president obama's first term. republicans plan to defeat him, and then pass a long term deficit reduction plan. but for now, tax cuts remains the biggest issue. and it's unresolved tonight with just 21 days left until default. i'm steve handlesman, news 4 at the white house. the final space walk on the final journey of a nasa space
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shuttle continues at this hour. two astronauts began the space walk this morning, they retrieved a broken pump from the international space station and loaded it on to atlantis. the crew installed robotic equipment for a future experiment. atlantis is scheduled to make the trip back to earth july 21st, making the last flight for nasa's 30-year shuttle program. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, current and former first ladies come together to remember betty ford. losing and winning big. how she went from an overweight teen to a beauty queen with miss america now in her sights. and from the swankiest lounges, to hidden dive bars. hot 99.5's cruz w
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is your coffee cup at starbucks just not big enough? now it can be even bigger. the coffee chain will offer a new 31 ounce trenta size. it's like a big gulp, 7 ounces
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larger than the venti. and has more volume at that point average stomach. for now your iced coffees and teas will be available in the super sized cup in the d.c. area. more than half of their customers already order the largest size they have already. from baristas to bars. we have cruz with us to talk about the best bars in the washington region. people can go to your web tight and vote for the best bar on the list. >> these aren't bars or nightclubs. the whole idea, we wanted to find -- create a list of what was hot, hot stuff in d.c. we created these categories. people gave us their nominations. you can go to hot
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and vote for bars all over the d.c. area, which is great. >> what makes a good bar in your mind? >> atmosphere is important. the patrons that go there, you know, you want to be around people you would like talking to. the menu. i think the menu is very important. there's bartenders, there's mixologyists. it depends on what kind of drink you want, and what kind of atmosphere you want. do you want a place you can sit down and talk? or a loud boisterous atmosphere? >> then there's the x-factor, did you go on a first date there? did you meet someone there? is there a personal connection? because that's obviously the place you usually go back to. >> that makes a difference. who's leading the voting so far? >> we have whitlows, grand central. as of this afternoon, those are the three we're leaning toward. >> tell us about these bars that are themed. are they still important?
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like the cigar bars. >> dualing piano bars. that's some stuff that i like too. that's fun. i don't know if people go there every week, or if that's something people would go to saying, it's a fun change of pace. >> special occasion. >> i think people absolutely still go there. they want an escape, you work hard during the week, and on the weekend you want to kickback a little bit. >> your favorites are holes in the wall, dive bars? >> i think that's a lot of fun. to me, it's important to be able to go there, you're not going to be at a nightclub or something like that. you want to interact with people and have conversations, for me the menu, the food is important. after a drink or two, or a sensible cocktail, you want food. it's got to be good food. >> you're staging a big announcement. >> we partnered up hot 99.5 with all 850 clear channel stations and announced the i heart music
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festival it's happening in september in vegas. the biggest acts in all of music across all genres are going to be there, lady gaga and cold play and kenny chesney. i mean, have you all that. tickets don't go on sale until saturday, we are giving away free trips all this week, just every day on hot 99.5. can you go to key word vegas. you don't want to miss it, it's going to be insane. >> there's a bar or two in that town, i hear. >> there may be a couple. >> and we're celebrating the launch of the i heart radio program as well. >> thank you, cruz. wendy, back over to you. >> the true sluggers got the opportunity to show off their best bats last night during one of the most popular events of the all-star week. robinson cano won the annual home run derby. his father, jose tossed him all
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32 home run balls that he hit last night. his opponent red sox first baseman adrian gonzalez hit the most memorable hit of the night into right field. a near repeat of a tragic accident. watch the top of your screen. keith carmichael reaches over and up a railing to try to catch a home run ball. as he reaches over, he falls into the railing, but is caught by a friend and his brother who grabbed on to his arm and legs. this comes less than a week after a rangers fan died after falling over a railing while he was trying to catch a ball for his son. coming up on news 4, remembering betty ford, a pioneer of substance abuse awareness, and a woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. more from today's funeral service. it's hot, stick
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you know, the rain last night seemed to cool things off a little bit. how's it looking for the rest of
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the week? >> i think it helped a little bit. the record today is 99. so far we're at 97. so it might have helped by two degrees. >> every degree helps. >> it is a little less humid today than it was yesterday, and there's a little bit of a breeze out there as well. we're looking at mostly sunny skies outside. it's just beautiful from the inside out. if you're outside right now, 97 degrees, well, it's on the hot side. dewpoint right now at 69. winds gusting upwards of 20 miles an hour. the wind is helping us to stay a little cool i. when you're in the shade and you have the wind it's not too bad out there. in the direct sunlight, you know what i'm talking about. 90 right now in gaithers berg, manassas at 95 degrees. 95 in fredericksburg. temperature of 95 in frederick. the heat index, over 100 in manassas. 107 in culpepper, 110 in fredericksburg. 101 down toward easton on the
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eastern shore, come in at 103. a very hot afternoon. notice back to the west, temperatures, a heat index close to the average temperatures. the lower dewpoints will continue to move on in here. on the radar picture there's nothing to show. we don't have anything out there as far as rain, i don't think we're going to see any chances for rain probably during the day tomorrow. we saw that big area of rain last night, now we have cleared out very nicely from richmond all the way up toward the pittsburgh area. we have a frontal boundary, the front will move the hot air out and here comes some nice weather, tomorrow afternoon, maybe a couple showers, the best chance tomorrow will be south of the d.c. area, down toward richmond. it gets beautiful around here during the day on thursday. thursday right now is looking great. why not take the boat out if you can. we're looking good out there, down toward the mall, partly cloudy, continuing hot and humid. we're looking at temperatures that are going to be a little
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bit cooler than they were this morning. 69 to 76. continued warm but not quite as humid. as we move on through the day tomorrow, temperatures 91 to 95. mostly sunny and hot, but not as humid, a little more comfortable with an isolated thunderstorm or two. that's going to be it. best chance will be down to the south. if you're taking the boat out on the bay, looking pretty good. wednesday and thursday, temperatures notice mid to upper 80s. your four-day forecast not bad at all. 87 on thursday. 85 on friday. only a slight chance of a shower friday and saturday. after today, the heat, the real intense heat is gone. >> we have not had a bad summer for people. this is your first summer in washington. it's never this nice. we've had weeks where it's 99 degrees. >> last year, one of the worst ever. >> then you got here and changed it. >> that's right. thank you. breath of fresh air. >> the chinatown arch is a d.c. icon, it doesn't exactly welcome
4:25 pm
people to an ethnic enclave. the chinese population is dwindling. it appears in chinatown, it exists in name zbloenl or arch only. >> we explore that further with the author of the blog decnetric. she's also on our list of 20 people worth following in your community right now. take a look. >> if you look at other cities across the country? of them have experienced something similar where there aren't many chinese residents left in their historic chinatown districts. what you see in chinatown is interesting, it's not only the residents, but also the businesses. there also used to be a number of small chinesed owned restaurants and other businesses. you gradually see those disappear. there are still a number of them in the area, but it's interesting, because in the chinatown district a lot of the businesses there are chains.
4:26 pm
because d.c. requires businesses in that district to have chinese and english signs, you'll see fuddruckers and hooters and another number of businesses to have chinese and english signs. it's a way to hold on to the legacy. whether d.c. can claim it to be a true authentic chinatown, i mean, some people say yes, some people say no. some people say we should hold on to that name as long as possible. >> if you'd like to see more voices leading to local conversations, go to our nbc 20. >> some people are saying chinatown is really just china corner. that's too bad, i remember when it was just chinatown. >> even the starbucks in chinese. >> that's something. something to try to keep it there as the franchises move in. still to come at 4:00, the dog days of summer, we're not
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the only ones feeling the heat today. we'll have a look at how the rest of the country is coping with the heat wave that's hitting us this year. >> we call it weeds, they call it dinner. meet the newest landscapers in playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v.
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>> i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lawson muse. a woman convicted of hitting and killing two men with her car will serve 20 years in prison. she was drunk when she drove into two men in adelphi last february. crews still working to remove mud from last night's rains. yesterday construction crews hit an eight inch gas main. prompting authorities to shut down i-270 in both directions at germantown and clarks berg. officials don't expect any traffic issues on i-270 today. the final space walk is now underway. two astronauts are retrieving a broken pump from the international space station and loading it on to the shuttle atlantis. the crew is also installing robotic equipment for a future experiment. stocks took another hit on
4:31 pm
wall street today. the dow down about 58 points. the nasdaq losing 20. the s&p 500 is down about 5 points for this tuesday. our big story today, and actually this week is the heat wave we're seeing, not only here in washington, but the one that's occurring nationwide. heat advisories from texas to connecticut, triple digit temperatures. hitting much of our country. maura schiavo campo is reporting people are doing whatever they can to stay cool. >> reporter: it's the summer sizzle in a just won't stop. >> it's been horrible. horrible. >> reporter: dallas facing its 10th straight day of 100 degree temperatures. >> look at the numbers right up into the triple digits as we head into the afternoon. >> oklahoma city stuck on broil for almost two straight weeks. >> i carry a container of juice and water frozen from my house every day so i can stay hydrated until i get back home. >> reporter: and now the east coast is bracing itself from
4:32 pm
georgia to connecticut. heat advisories have been issued for temperatures today that will feel as high as 105. leaving these kids in philadelphia to seek some cool in the pool. >> this is some oppressive and dangerous heat affecting more than 20 states and more than 90 million people. >> the heat isn't just widespread, it's deadly. the mobil home of a 51-year-old illinois man reached dangerously high temperatures when the air conditioner broke sunday causing him to have a fatal heat stroke. in milwaukee, several runners are just getting out of the hospital. >> people were falling down on that bridge. i had to stop in the middle of it to help somebody who collapsed in front of me. >> reporter: monday in little rock, arkansas where temperatures hit 102. many lined up outside a nonprofit agency to help with their electricity bills, a desperate effort to stay cool with no end to the heat insight.
4:33 pm
the smoking ban in montgomery county is now expanding. the county council voted unanimously to ban smokers in shared spaces like hallways, lobbies and parks inside subdivisions. lighting up in workplaces and restaurants is already illegal. the expanded ban takes effect august 12th. the county council also took up a plan to impose a teen curfew today. chris gordon will have the latest on that. that's coming up tonight at 5:00. and in southern california, former first lady betty ford is laid to rest as a huge crowd gathers to pay respects to a woman who made a huge impact on our nation. >> i gerald r. ford do solemnly swear. >> reporter: betty ford took on the role of first lady with dignity, charm and a quiet kander. it was her courageous battles with breast cancer and drug and alcohol addiction that inspired
4:34 pm
a lasting legacy. outside the church nestled against a desert landscape, reporters lined the street. those attended toing the service included michelle obama, former president george w. bush and hillary clinton, nancy reagan and rosalynn carter. mrs. carter who became friends with the fords after their white house years will be one of the speakers today. also giving a eulogy jeffrey mason, a former member of the directors of the betty ford center. he's also an alum who successfully sought treatment there. >> she's single handedly responsible for the stigma being remo removed from addiction. but, no one was more approachable. >> reporter: roberts will talk about how her father, former
4:35 pm
majority leader hale boggs reached across the aisle to work with gerald ford. it was a time when party politics did not paralyze government as it often does today. known for her take charge attitude, it's no surprise that the former first lady carefully orchestrated her memorial service to give speeches today. the public will be invited to pay their last respects to a woman well known for her passion and courage. a comment about peas during monday's presidential news conference got a lot of people talking today. we need to reach a debt ceiling, deal with it not later and bull off the band aid, eat our peas. the group that represents pea interests is embracing the comment.
4:36 pm
they can help close the nutritional loopholes in your diet, and preparation isn't taxing. >> we like peas, they're not as offensive as some veggies. >> but like i love is the u.s. dry pea and lent ilcouncil. >> i know. there's more to come at 4:00. what is it that keeps us coming back to those fatty foods? doctors say the answer is simple, addiction. plus, an answer for the guy who was unwilling to settle. he went to great lengths to ask he went to great lengths to ask out and this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1. we help them save money with generic prescriptions. we talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and -- help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs.
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and his, too.
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women should wait at least
4:39 pm
three weeks after pregnancy to start taking birth control again according to the cdc, which released it new stricter guidelines today in an effort to prevent potentially deadly blood clots. women with some risk factors may need to wait even longer. the estrogen and progestin in those pills are associated with the increase for clots. ever wonder you where can't stop at just one chip, cookie or slice of pizza and be satisfied? a new study says there is a reason behind our addictive eating tendencies. researchers at the university of california at irvine say certain fatty foods trigger a chemical reaction in your body. there's a chemical released and it's hitchinged to a feeling of euphoria, such as a runner's high. the reaction is similar to the way marijuana brings on hunger. but despite the power of pizza, so-called fatty food addicts can overcome their desires. >> you know your body does
4:40 pm
produce these chemicals, we need to be more responsible and watch what we're eating and control our portions. >> scientists are working on a way to block the release, until then try to find some good old will power and just say no. easier said than done sometimes. especially in our newsroom. >> i want some french fries now. >> yeah. the bed bug battle. experts are trying to figure out how to get a handle on this growing problem. the girl who never thought she'd be comfortable in a swimsuit. now she's wearing it proudly on stage. >> this beauty queen's transformation. there's more of this to come at 4:00. lots coming up tonight on nbc washington nonstop. i'll join wendy rieger for daily connection. later at 9:00, nonstop foodies, d.c. a brand new edition to the national harbor. then stay tuned for nonstop
4:41 pm
scene d.c. at 9:30. we'll get behind the ropes. it all starts at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop.
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to maybe the only beauty pageant queen who once tipped the scales at 234 pounds. bree boyce. when she represents her state in next year's miss america pageant
4:44 pm
it will be a far cry from the obese self-conscious teenager she used to be. thanh truong has her story. >> reporter: strutting in the swimsuit competition during the miss south carolina pageant, 22-year-old bree boyce had to shed a lot of nervousness. what so many didn't know, she also shed a lot of weight. >> at the age of 17 i was at my highest, which was 234 pounds. >> reporter: bree got hooked on fatty foods. >> i actually confessed to my mother, when i got my license, i would ride around to different fast places and get food and sit in my car and eat it. or whenever my parents went out to a movie or dinner, i would eat the whole large pizza by myself. >> reporter: looking back, she can't imagine the jeans she once wore. she couldn't stand how being so big shrunk her confidence. that's her in the blue bathing
4:45 pm
suit running from the camera. no shyness in these photos. >> looking at some of those photos you do look pretty ripped. >> reporter: she went from 234 pounds to this. >> at that moment i decided to change my life. and i lost 64 pounds very quickly. >> reporter: then came a hardcore commitment to exercise and eating healthy every day. it took three years and a lot of hard work. no surgeries, tummy tucks or lifts. she dropped 112 poundses. when she won the miss south carolina title that crown carried a little more weight for her. bree is making healthy living her platform. >> it's not about a number on the scale or the size of your pants. it's about being a size healthy and loving yourself and having
4:46 pm
that self-worth. >> reporter: from chubby teen to beauty queen. her path may seem unlikely. but don't tell her that, she's hungry to become the next miss america thanh truong, nbc news. >> her message is important because we do have an obesity problem that's staggering in this country. >> she looks like a different person. we are in for a lovely end of the week? >> yes. >> it's go to get good from here on out. >> it's going to be really nice. thursday is looking absolutely fantastic. you know what i thought about thursday afternoon as i'm doing the forecast. i thought about wendy rieger, and how nice it's going to be for you when you say, doug, that last night was just fantastic. the evening was great, the weather was perfect out there. >> i'll have to text you, because i'm off on thursday and friday. >> i knew that, that's why i'm talking. >> let's show you what's
4:47 pm
happening right now. temperatures 97 degrees, it is warm, it is on the humid side. not quite as humid as it was yesterday, but it's hotter today, if that makes any sense. current temperatures, 97 degrees, we reached a high of 95 degrees. the heat index got up to 106 today. so far, 103. as far as the days go, look at this, this is heat wave number 4. we were at 92 on saturday, 92 on sunday, 95 yesterday and so far, 97 today. i think we will get into the 90s tomorrow that will extend our heat wave. it's not going to extend much past that. temperatures right now, gaithersburg. culpepper, temperature of 97 degrees. out toward the south, 94. overnight tonight, temperatures will dip down to 75 insided district. 70 in gaithersburg. frederick, maryland coming in at 68 degrees. martinsburg, temperature of 64.
4:48 pm
73 down to the south, tomorrow, temperatures into the low to mid-90s. the humidity will make it feel a little more comfortable. not as humid tomorrow. as we move on for the next four days, 87 on thursday. 85 on friday, 86 on saturday. a slight chance of showers friday and saturday. if you have off on thursday and friday, why don't you head over to wendy's house, she's accepting anybody who wants to come over because she's off. coming up on news 4. the natural lawn mowers. the local government is turning to these guys to keep up with the landscape iing. >> and she said yes. this marine snagged a date with a hollywood star. an emotional day in court as a drunk driver learns her fate. do family and friends of the two
4:49 pm
victims believe justice has been served? >>. a local county considers a curfew for kids under 18. a look at the restrictions and where your children could be banned from going after hours. and then at 6:00. crowds
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4:51 pm
4:52 pm
farm animals are now becoming gaithersburg's new grounds crew. two herds spent the day grazing on seven acres. the area is home to deer, fox, beavers, turtles and a fair of other animals. much of the land was overrun with invasive plants. that's where these guys come in, and they are lunching t help out. >> the energy that happens in that situation, is like putting four boys around one plate of food. there's this gang idea that happens. 30 days in one day eat more than one goat in 30 days. >> this is a pilot project the city is thinking about unleashing goats in other areas to get rid of weeds in an environmentally friendly way. look at him go. we have an update to the story of a marine with a
4:53 pm
celebrity crush and a whole lot of guts. he posted a message on youtube and it's taken off. >> i'm sergeant moore, you can call me scotty. i want to take time out of my d day. take a second, think about it, get back to me. bye now. >> it would only take me a second to think about that. >> it came up in an interview, do it for your country. kunis hadn't heard about it, but agreed right then and there to go for it. still ahead on news 4, they're in offices, luxury hotels and your home. today there was a big meeting to talk about the bed bugs and how to rid the area of the
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the threat is distill out there, especially if you're traveling this summer. bed bugs. >> it creeps you out, just the mere words. health experts and researchers gathered in washington to talk about infestations which are up all over the country. from workplaces to luxury hotels to your home. >> michelle franzen has more on what to watch out for. >> they are the blood sucking creatures that make your skin crawl. bed bugs, and these hard to spot bugs are even harder to get rid
4:57 pm
of. >> they're small, red brown oval flat bugs. they're about the size of an apple seed. and they like to hide. >> reporter: they're also good travelers, able to hitch a ride on luggage and clothing. a jump in bed bugs due to an increase in tourism world wide. new york city is the leading indicator of the growing infestation. bed bugs have been found in hotels, apartments and office buildings. >> new york city i consider to be the canary in the coal mine, it's represent tifb of what's happening in other cities as well. >> reporter: bed bugs have been around for centuries. health concerns around the use of ddt and the creepy crawly creature's ability to adapt. it's just a few reasons they're back in droves. >> we haven't found a way to get rid of bed bugs.
4:58 pm
nobody's really found the silver bullet. >> steam heat, 122 degrees is the best way to kill bed bugs. and in the past few years, products aimed at keeping them at bay -- >> your mattress is is the first place people start seeing the infestation. >> reporter: public awareness will help make sure bed bugs don't keep you from losing sleep. michelle franzen nbc news, new york. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. stay with us. tonight at 5:00, two young men killed by a drunk driver and this wasn't her first run-in with the law. >> she didn't understand how much trouble she caused and how much pain she caused to my
4:59 pm
family. >> reporter: the sentence for the woman who plowed into the victims while awaiting trial for her third dui. he looked like a typical shopper, but police say his actions were criminal. how complaints from customers at a local target led to a disturbing discovery. parents listen up, you could be punished if your kids stay out after hours in one local county. good evening, everybody. >> is it hot enough out there for you? we're talking about the high heat and humidity tonight. creating dangerous conditions from coast to coast. >> it's painful. tonight we have team coverage for you of this summer says letter. craig melvin is live for us on the mall, to see how folks are handling the heat so far. let's begin with doug kammerer who's live. even though we didn't break any records today, it sure did feel a bit on the miserable side? >> we're close to that

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